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Games with one save slot | NeoGAF Alternatively, games with multiple save slots that "lock" you into a single slot for a playthrough. What a frustrating design choice.One of the 3DS resident evil games have this, and what's worse is it's impossible to delete. I think they did it to curb used sales. 3DS Savegames | Game title

Sep 17, 2017 · Multiple save slots? Started a game on multiplayer so a friend of mine could play with me. Now wondering if i can make an additional slot for just me in a single player game, and not write over any save files? This Game have an free Savegame-System like Classic Games. Simply load your last Savegame and then Save Manually. Does the 3DS save to the game cartridge or the SD card Jul 13, 2011 · Best Answer: Zelda Ocarina of Time Saves to the game cartridge. I know this because I have a copy and tested it out myself by turning off the power and removing my SD card and starting it up again. So your saves are fine. Most of the 3ds games save … [Release]JK's SaveManager - Homebrew CIA Save manager Dec 21, 2018 · I've made it as simple as I can, while keeping the slot feature from my old save manager. When you select backup or restore, you will have to select or create a new slot. If you don't like the input screen, you can create the directories yourself inside the game's export folder.

I know with my 3DS XL, when I put it in my pocket, the games sometimes pop out, causing me to lose them in my pocket somewhere, or worse. This is probably something that would be a good add-on for ...

If you get the issue with multiple games intermittently, I've heard of taking the battery out, then spraying the card slot with WD40.Before you assume you have to send the gaming device to Nintendo, try inserting other games. That will tell you if the cartridge you have is toasted or the... How to Make Your 3DS Screens Smaller with a Nintendo DS … Have you ever wanted better graphics on your 3DS playing DS games?wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. Why don't they add multiple save profiles to Pokemon … The game that had the best save system was Mass Effect 2 (haven't played 1/3).The 3DS does have an SD slot however so It might be possible now.Its weird not many seem to be demanding multiple save games. If any other game tried to have just a single save slot, people would string the... Best way to do multiple Save Slots?

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The R4i Gold 3DS Updater is enable you to update your R4i Gold 3DS card on a PC directly(no need a NDS console anymore)! with this device, you can also backup your 3DS saver, which can be read, saved smoothly as a file on your computer, and write it back to your 3DS card as well.

Bravely default has 3 save slots (you can find pictures on google) (I can not be sure about Second, but heard same thing, 3 save slots) RE Revelations have on google pictures with 3 save slots; Mega Man Legacy - I found that Every game there has one slot (but I am not sure) What are some good games that have multiple save slots : 3DS

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Do not click into the folder titled "Nintendo 3DS" to locate specific files. Always copy the entire folder, and never alter or erase the files it contains. What You Need: Two compatible SD Cards, SDHC Cards, microSD Cards, or microSDHC Cards. An SD Card slot on a PC or Mac or a commercially available SD Card reader/writer. Multiple saves info where? - Nintendo Life As there is never multiple slot play as you would see on consoles. If you don't want your kids saving over each others file, you need to buy two copies of the game. Sky3DS Problems Solving | SKY3DS LATEST UPDATE

R4i Gold 3DS Plus - R4i gold Revolution For 3DS,DS,DSL,DSi R4i Gold 3DS Plus User Instructions ... the 3DS SLOT. The 3ds games list will show on ... green,it means this item has been opened in the game.When the ball on the ... Nintendo DS Troubleshooting - iFixit