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The Ultimate Fret Slotting Machine... - Discussion Forums ... I know I'm not Ken, but it's not surprising to me that a large number of luthiers still cut fret slots by hand. The use of machinery is more a function of speeding up the process, and hand cutting is perfectly acceptable for fret slot position accuracy, and has been for a very long time.

Fret Saws - The Ultimate Luthier's Guide - The Art Of Lutherie In this guide to guitar fret saws, you’ll learn how to choose the perfect tool for your needs plus a free video on using a fret slotting saw. In the Shop - CNC Guitar Fret Slotting Rig: Part 4 - YouTube This project is kind of an overboard thing for me. I really liked building my first guitar. I also really liked building my CNC router. The one area that I a... : Nut Slotting Jig, Cutting a Nut Slot by Hand This is a perfect situation where sharp and accurate hand tools can be faster than a machine. It would also be very difficult to cut the slot that I use on my guitars without two separate router setups or a custom bit.

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Bringing Life Back to a Rickenbacker Tuxedo Bass | Kennebec ... Apr 3, 2018 ... This suggests that these fret slots were cut by hand. Based on all of this information, it was decided that the fret board needed to be replaced. Guitar Repair & Restoration by The Guitar Specialist Inc. After removing the frets we found a great deal of glue in the fret slots. I have never been a ... It is a hand held fret press. Depending on the ... Not only does it hold the cut frets for two guitars, but all of our tools for the installation. Now we'll cut the ...

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Mar 18, 2018 ... ... narrow for fret slots. Any saw will actually cut a slot that is slightly wider than its set width. .... I have several hand-powered fret slotting saws. Cutting fret slots - Mandolin Cafe May 8, 2007 ... I've always cut my fret slots with a cheapo coping saw (and dressed the frets with a ... It must be turned by hand, and not in a powered drill. Fret Saw |

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I'm about to start the fretboard on my current build. This will be the first time making the FB from stock (always bought pre-slotted and radiused ones from Stewmac before). It'll be ebony. I'll be cutting the slots by hand (got a fret saw) with a Stewmac template and ... Cutting Fret Slots Table Saw

Jul 26, 2011 ... The machine detailed in this thesis was designed to cut fret slots to scale ... the hobbyist will cut each fret slot by hand, requiring precision on ...

About This Item The simplest way to cut perfect fret slots. A StewMac original, better than ever The guitarmakers in our shop designed this miter box. Through years of constant use and clever improvements, they've created the single best tool for hand-cutting fret ...

and for a third, yet primitive approach, i too adopt the same strategy, but only have the fret saw and mitre block jig, so i do it by hand. perhaps one modification to that method would be to radius it first, then cut the slots---keeping the board parallel on sides (before tapering), that way you should be able to get the slots with the radius on them the first time, although i've never tried ... Scroll saw fret slot cutting - I need a thicker blade ... But I have chronic hand/wrist issues, and the labor of hand cutting the slots leaves me hurting. I watched a bunch of videos a while back and saw one on cutting fret slots with a scroll saw with the blade flipped to the back. I've tried that with my scroll saw (Craftsman), and it does work. Milling Fret Slots on an Undersized CNC Machine - Part 3 ... Milling Fret Slots on an Undersized CNC Machine - Part 3 by curtisa is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.. You are free to: Share — copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format ; Adapt — remix, transform, and build upon the material Cutting fret slots - Australian/New Zealand Luthiers Forum